Responsive Matter

How to find innovative expressions of the couple matter / form to devise and design sensible, sensitive and responsive devices with new materials.
Material sensitivity can become sensibility to mobilize our sentiments in line with the complex response of matter. Emerging materials, as formulated in our laboratories, are not this amorphous substance that we needed to shape anymore. Structured in a controlled manner down to its smaller components, it IS form. Even more : RESPONSIVE, it is able in certain circumstances to interact with its environment, and to get in touh with us. A sensitive relationship is therefore possible: direct, palpable, even sensual, without necessarily using various sensors and computer interfacing. A quasi-biological hardware INTELLIGENCE combined with an internal driving force that seems particularly fruitful to examine and implement, in an interdisciplinary “art-science” approach, looking for new ways of expression and innovative forms of interactive experiences.

Project coordinator: Samuel Bianchini
Supported by: PSL Research University
Team: Costantino Creton (Directeur de recherche SIMM à l’ESPCI), Olivier Dauchot (Directeur de recherche EC2M à l’ESPCI), Patrick Tabeling (Directeur de recherche MMN à l’ESPCI), Dominique Peysson (Chercheuse associée EnsadLab et postdoc sur le projet), Ianis Lallemand (doctorant SACRe), Émile de Visscher (doctorant SACRe).