panel : Designing Hybrid printed&digital Books

Durring the Electronic Literature Organization conferences (July 18-22th, Porto), on Friday, July 21, EnsadLab’s research about digital book will be presented.

Panel : Designing Hybrid printed&digital Books

– opening – Lucile Haute (EnsadLab)

Before Personal Computers, a Smart Letraset Graphical Implementation
Gilles Rouffineau (ESAD—Valence)

Books, Dada and Algorithms in the age of Big Data
Filipe Pais (EnsadLab)

From Bits to Paper: one book, two supports
Sophie Ciriello, Jean-François Boulan, Olivain Porry, Lucile Haute (EnsadLab / EnsAD)

Publishing and Publicizing Digital Literature : Feed-Back about a Research- Creation Project
Lucile Haute (EnsadLab), Nolwenn Tréhondart (UP8)


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