Article: On the need for combinatory research

Emmanuel Mahé contribue au numéro 72 de la Revue Hermès (2015/2) dédié à la recherche en art :

Pour une recherche combinatoire
Enjeux de la recherche en art : le doctorat SACRe comme cas d’étude


Résumé :

The debate on art and design research reaches far beyond the world of art schools and even beyond the world of art : new peer communities will be emerging, and also new players. This article takes the example of the Science, Arts, Creation and Research doctorate offered since 2012 at the PSL Paris Research University. Through its functional processes and examples of thesis work, we address three questions : the introduction of doctoral studies in art schools, their different applications (in the arts, sciences and industry) and, finally, artistic research as an opportunity for inventing new forms of art but also new organisational and institutional patterns. Our hypothesis is that artistic research should be discussed in terms of its combinatory richness, and not only as one research model compared to another.

Hermès, La Revue 2015/2 (n° 72). 294 pages.
Éditeur : C.N.R.S. Editions
ISBN : 9782271088130
ISSN : 0767-9513
ISSN en ligne : 1963-1006
pages 217 à 225