Soft Matters@Textile Intersections Conference, September 20-23, 2023

The 3rd edition of Textile Intersections, the leading conference for interdisciplinary textile design research was held by the Loughborough University in London from 20-23th of September. Soft Matters could not miss that. This was the occasion for Lingxiao Luo and Juri-Apollo Drews to present their PhD research, respectively in the doctoral consortium and in the Advanced Textiles Materials and Processes track.


In his article entitled “Methods for Designing Woven Textile-forms: Examples from a pedagogical textile design workshop“, Juri discussed the results of the workshop for textile and material design students that he co-supervised at Ecole des Arts Décoratifs last year on non-rectangular weaving as a zero-waste alternative to the currently used cut-and-sew method. His work was also exhibited in the conference exhibition. Subsequently, Aurélie Mosse, co-head of the Soft Matters research group at EnsadLab acted as a reviewer/moderator of the Biotextiles and Sustainable Textiles panel of the conference.


Caption: Aurélie Mosse together with Sarah Robertson and Tincuta Heinzel, among the key organisers of this 3rd edition.

© Marina-Elena Wachs