Matali Crasset will be the guest at the next SACRe meeting


Matali Crasset is fond of anthropologist Marc Auger’s definition of design: “Design is applied anthropology”. According to her, “design is about reinjecting a potential for life through spaces and objects, which are not in themselves an end in themselves, but which enable us to enrich our experience and create the singular. They carry an intention, which is to restore living together, communality, sharing, evolving, appropriable structures, etc.”.
In 2022, in Matrices (Les Presses du Réel), an essay written with EnsadLab associate designer-researcher David Bihanic, she proposes an approach to design that, like that of any designer or researcher, must encourage respectful lifestyles and be part of the living world. As far back as 1991, “La trilogie domestique” (The domestic trilogy), her founding diploma project at Ensci, proposed research and reflection on technology around light, heat and water. Forget the black box: make technology visible and understandable. Since the end of the 80s, and in 2024 with the project “Le temps de la communauté, CAMPEGGI”, Matali Crasset has been campaigning for nomadic, stackable, transformable objects that adapt to our living scenarios, allowing spaces to be re-configured and on the move.

The meeting will be hosted and moderated by Patrick Renaud (designer and head of the Symbiose group, EnsadLab), Léonard Bayeurte (SACRe doctoral student, EnsadLab), Léa Tricaud (Symbiose, EnsadLab) and Marie Butard (Symbiose intern, EnsadLab).

This Rencontres SACRe will take place on Friday June 7 at ENSAD (amphi Rodin), from 2pm to 4pm.

Open to all, subject to availability.