EnsadLab’s PhD students benefit from double research environment: EnsAD and the University. Currently, seven PhD students and one postdoc are funded by PSL, and one PhD student and one postdoc are funded by the Labex Arts-H2H.

Edwige Lelièvre

From 3D online roleplaying games to alternate reality games : aesthetic experience, creation and experiments

Video games have become a serious subject of study in digital arts. However, if this media has become more and more recognized as a piece of art, studies on his practice are still rare. Yet, the gaming experience seems really substantial. Particularly 3D online roleplaying game seem to propose a unique experience given the fact they generate a huge investment from the players. Some players can spend several hours a day, during several years on the same game. Thus, in online roleplaying games, relation between games and players is built like a long term relationship. Online roleplaying games created with interactive computer graphics seem to ask art field two questions. Do they make possible aesthetic experiences? And what can be those characteristics? We need to find in what these games encourage players to create, and what is their potential as a creation form for authors. We based our researchs on the analysis of player’s aesthetic experiment and creations, on the creation of an experimental online roleplaying game and on the creation of an alternate reality game crossed with a online roleplaying game systems. We will offer a new perspective on this type of game. Our researchs is aimed at showing the creative aspects of those games and the aesthetic experience they can provide. Our last goal is to help authors access this innovating support.