CoSiMa – Collaborative Situated Media

The goal of CoSiMa is to create a platform for the publication and distribution of media located in space and time, combining multiple sensory modalities. The deployment of such principles allows for the edition of situated and collaborative media.
The applications of CoSiMa include artistic projects, innovative public services, events and communication.

Implement an accessible platform – Create new participatory experiences – Support new business models and the development of communities for the creation and diffusion of digital media

Implement an accessible platform

The main goal of the CoSiMa project is to democratise a new type of media through an accessible, generic, open, and interoperable platform.
The platform will greatly facilitate the implementation of this type of experience at a lower cost and accessible to a wide public (cultural institutions, public services, private companies, artists, etc..).

Create new participatory experiences

The CoSiMa project defines a context for experimentation with different axes: the creation of visual and sound media information associated with motion to create maps or routes in an augmented reality space. The sharing of media located in a social space for the staging of pervasive games or areas of public expression. Dissemination of real-time media located to a community of users to deploy mobs, live performances or «large group” experiences.

Support new business models and the development of communities for the creation and diffusion of digital media

The combined evolution of the web and mobile platforms define new paradigms for media streaming. The platform CoSiMa fosters the emergence and the structuration of communities around these new media. The evaluation and selection of an appropriate business model for the platform is included in its development.

Interoperable Components

W3C Web Standards and Open Media Formats – User Centred Design

The implementation of such a multimodal environment expression in tangible space requires a device comprising a great variety of interoperable components: client applications installed on mobile devices connected to the network, a web-service offering an open API, a database server and a data management interface content.

W3C Web Standards and Open Media Formats

The project involves the development of a platform based on open standards (i.e. W3C web standards and open media formats) to enable the use of a variety of mobile technologies and existing devices.

User-Centred Design

The development of the platform also requires special attention to uses and validation. For this, we will develop prototypes at each stage of the project with the aim at testing scenarios, collecting and analyzing the results to improve the platform.

ANR programme : Contenus numériques et interactions (CONTINT) 2013
Project reference : ANR-13-CORD-0010
Coordinator : Norbert SCHNELL (IRCAM)
Website :


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