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Taking the side of things

Hybrid publications on creation processes

The project “Prendre le parti des choses. Publications hybrides sur les processus de création” (Taking the side of things. Hybrid publications on creation processes) is structured around an unprecedented articulation between design, social sciences and the humanities. It emerges from the intersection of new forms of writing in the above three fields that make use of digital and interactive supports.

The project proposes a process-driven and material approach of creation. It draws on the experimentation of publication forms that can emerge from the dynamic and concrete elaboration of the creation process when it is observed in its complexity, and grasped beyond the sole intentionality of the artists. It is precisely at this junction that this project situates itself, bringing together researchers in the fields of social sciences and the humanities (EHESS and EnsadLab) with researchers in the field of art and design (EnsadLab).

The project is structured around the production of a digital publication derived from the exhibition « Typoéticatrac. Les mots pour le faire » (“Typoéticatrac. Words for doing”) by graphic designer Pierre Di Sciullo (curatorship Francesca Cozzolino), and the curation of a seminar taking the form of two study days to be held at EnsAD and EHESS between the end of March and June 2018.

Project led by Francesca Cozzolino (research professor, Ensadlab) in collaboration with Pierre Olivier Dittmar (maître de conférence, EHESS), supported by IRIS PSL «Création, cognition et société».
Project developed within the framework of the research group Reflective Interaction

In collaboration with:
Centre d’art le Bel Ordinaire
Art Book Magazine

Samuel Bianchini (EnsadLab)
Francesca Cozzolino (EnsadLab/Lesc)
Pierre-Olivier Dittmar (EHESS)
Thomas Golsenne (Université de Lille3)
Lucile Haute (Université de Nîmes/EnsadLab)
Quentin Juhel (EnsadLab student)
Sophie Krier (UCR/EnsadLab)
Benoît Verjat (EnsadLab/Esa de Nancy)
Sylvie Tissot (research and creation engineer, EnsadLab associate)

Collage 1
View of the atelier and the elaboration of “Machines Sonores” produced by Pierre di Sciullo for the exhibition “Typoéticatrac, the words to do it” (Bel Ordinaire 2017). Photo credit @ Hortense Soichet

View of the installation “L’or the la fougue”, Pierre Di Sciullo, exhibition “Typoéticatrac, the words to do it” (Bel Ordinaire 2017). Photo credit @ Luke James