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Lucile Haute

Performer dans les environnements mixtes. Actualisation de l’espace programmé.

Thèse de Doctorat en Arts plastiques

Sous la direction de M. Éric Vandecasteele, Université Jean Monnet Saint-Étienne,
École doctorale 484 – Lettres Langues Linguistique Arts
Centre d’Études et de Recherche sur l’Expression contemporaine – EA 3068

Soutenue le 17 octobre 2014

à l’Université Jean Monnet de Saint-Étienne
Mention très honorable avec les félicitations du jury.


Madame Valérie Arrault, professeure à l’Université de Montpellier II (présidente du jury et rapporteur) ; Monsieur Samuel Bianchini, artiste et maître de conférences à l’Ensad, Paris (expert) ; Madame Alexandra Saemmer, professeure à l’Université Paris 8 – Vincennes Saint-Denis (rapporteur) ; Monsieur Éric Vandecasteele, professeur à l’Université Jean Monnet, Saint-Étienne (directeur de la thèse).

Lucile Haute est chercheure associée EnsadLab et chargée de mission pour la valorisation de la recherche à EnsadLab. Elle a été étudiante-chercheure EnsadLab de 2010 à 2013.

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Mixed environments are devices, stagings, installations, which hybridize what is tangible and what is digital, physical space and informational or fictional space. These environments allow for their experimenters to be here and now, but also simultaneously linked to an elsewhere or to another temporality. They borrow as much from the magic of the spectacle as from the engineer’s technologies. When they allow to create or to give access to other worlds, they join with performance. These worlds can be 3D platforms or fictions. Mixed environments are defined less by spectacular issues than by performative, fictional and plastic ones. The technical dimensions, be they digital technologies, the ceremonial formatting or stage design, join with the plastic dimensions. To perform in these environments is to search for, allow or provoke temporary states of the body that are related to the specific context of a demonstration. Aside from their public presentation, this dissertation work will also address these forms, which invite to multiple and singular experimentations, as well as the different ways they are explored, by the performers or by the experimenters.


Performance Art. Digital Art. Digital Performance. Installation Art. Virtual Worlds. Hyperfiction.